Quit it up there!

So, last night it was thunder storming where I lived. It was a pretty nasty storm and I was talking to my friend while watching it. We had just been talking about getting together and playing video games, so of course my mind goes back to that. Plus…Cloud (Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII) usually comes to mind at least once an hour.

I’m not obsessed or anything…>.> <,< >.>

Anywho…I was watching the storm and it is Lightning up the butt. Seriously…there was barely a pause between each stroke of lightning. So…thinking of Final Fantasy XIII, I go: “Lighting! Cloud! Quit it up there! Geez you two!” My friend laughed.

In my mind I went to Final Fantasy: Dissidia…and then entertained the thought that maybe they were having an epic battle with their nemesis up there and that’s why the storm was so bad. I mean, since the two were in the same place at the same time. I also thought that Squall should keep a better handle on his boyfriend (Yes, I entertain the idea that Leon/Squall and Cloud are romantically inclined. Don’t judge!) or get out there and help him. But…the storm wasn’t a Squall (cause it’s a weather pattern too)…so…I didn’t say anything about that.

So we continue talking on the phone and watching the storm and the wind picks up. It was actually kind of scary with the way the streetlights were set up that it looked like the rain was river of water because of the wind. I just kept thinking back to the recent Japan tsunami and going…Gah! No flash floods please! I didn’t say that to my friend, but we did talk about the wind.

Then I remembered that Ventus means wind (Ventus being from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Aqua is also from that game). So then I pick on them too and go: “Ventus! Aqua! You too! Stop that!”

I love myself sometimes. Really I do. The fact that I can’t even watch a thunderstorm without nerdy thoughts makes my day.


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