A Childhood Nemisis Put to Rest

Who remembers this game?

If not, this is Spyro the Dragon. It was one of my first video games, and has many fond memories that follow this game and the sequels that came out afterward.

It has been a while since I have played some of my childhood games, but after a talk with my friend Cody, we decided to tackle this game. Both of us had played it in our childhood, and neither of us had ever beaten it. My mom even played this game, I and remembered her trying to defeat Gnorc at the end, and not being able to.

So, we got together yesterday afternoon, sat down, and started a new game. Within 12 hours, we had beaten it and finally took down Gnasty Gnorc (pictured to the right. Spyro is the dragon). It was a pretty epic battle.

Spoilers start here…

We died a lot of course. The track course Gnasty runs on is riddled with purple goo for us to fall in, and fall in it we did. I could barely get around the track. Cody, however, could go around a few times. So…for the sake of those who don’t play Spyro, here is how you beat him. You have to run after two Egg-Snatchers (I don’t know their actually names…other then everyone calls them theives because they steal dragon eggs and you have to retrieve them. However, they had keys this time) and get the Key from each one to even begin fighting Gnorc. Once you get the second Key, you are then able to chase Gnorc, who is a lot faster than you. So, your only chance to stop him is when he turns around at the end of the loop to taunt you and maybe throw a spell at you. There you have to flame him. If you hit him, he goes into the building next to the track and you are to pursue him, jumping from each self that is jutting out from the wall (which you don’t want to fall off since Lava is below you). Of course, these shelves are only there for a limited time so you need to be fast. Then, once you get across, you flame him one more time, and you are done.

When me and Cody did it, it was my turn at trying to defeat Gnasty. However, my thumb had started to hurt from the D-pad, so he did the Egg-Snatcher bit for me. I took over from there. Usually, I died on the Gnasty’s course, but I knew that if I got around and to him I could flame him in time. I dunno why, since Cody had a hard time switching from charging at Gnorc to flaming him, but I thought I could switch faster since I’m good at pressing buttons fast. This time I got around, but missed, so we went for round two around the course.

TRIUMPH! I was so amazed when it hit him. He dropped treasure, but I said screw that and just took off after him, knowing about the shelves beforehand. Quickly darting across them, Cody kept up a positive mantra, saying that I was doing great and to keep going because at the end there, Spyro was beginning to look like he wouldn’t fit on the shelves. But we got to the end and Cody is going: FLAME HIM! FLAME HIM! And I do before he can hit me and then he dies and WE WIN!

Ah…after all these years…we finally took down the boss.


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