Final Fantasy XII Pet Peeves

So, I have been playing Final Fantasy 12 lately. About two years ago (I believe so anyway), I borrowed this game from Family Video and played it. My brother got it for me for christmas, and I played it a bit more…and then I stopped and hadn’t picked it up again since last week.

I thought about starting over…but I already had 15 hours on the game and didn’t want to…so I eventually found my spot again and re-read what happened thanks to online guides and summaries.

Now, I know I don’t like this game nearly as much as others in the Final Fantasy franchise, and now I remember why.

Lolwhut plot? I get the general that we are fighting the bad guys and have to find out a way to have peace happen and stop the impending war, but it still takes me a while to understand how the characters relate to eachother. There are so many secrets hidden in each characters…which can be a driving point, but I already know so little about the characters that I just want them to give up their secrets already.

I finally just saw some character development last night, which made me appreciate Vaan more. Still, Ashe is my favorite character and if I ever actually get around to working out, I may cosplay her one day. So there is the fact I feel like I know little of what is actually going on in the world…and by proxy my characters are going to do something stupid that may cause the almost war to happen because if I don’t know and I’ve been playing….how do they know?

Oh right, they grew up in this world.

That too…there are so many races and different cultures. I want a guide that goes over the different cultures…there’s the Humes, the Viera…those sand dwelling people that tried to kill me, people that are humanoid lizards…the Empire…I’d love to see some of their history and how it plays into the world today. Maybe I’ll get my wish…since I’m still playing it.

Though, the only reason I’m still playing it is because I’ve decided to auto-level…something I usually don’t do. Now…with Final Fantasy 12…they have a habit of placing a high level monsters among the monsters your level that can eat you up and spit you back out (one of them being a T-rex creature)…and Elementals that won’t aggro on you unless you use a spell and I need to heal because they are often by other monsters that I can fight.

So…now I spend half my time looking out for high level monsters when trying to grind a bit on my way to X city or town. I already hate grinding, but have fallen into the habit of at least checking out every area of the map and fighting every monster along the way. It works as a system. But no…now I’m just running and hoping to not run into to many high level monsters and hope that maybe the next area won’t have the stupid elementals or T-rex’s.

That, and leveling in general takes a while in FFXII, though I have been able to keep up somewhat now. It makes me miss the other games though, where I didn’t have to worry about leveling nearly as much until the end, and by then I was doing sidequests so it didn’t matter.

That too…there aren’t a lot of sidequests in FFXII. At least, not that I’ve run into. I’d like to go off and do X, Y, and Z to find out a bit more about my characters or about the politics of the place. The hunts are close, but just aren’t enough. Though, I haven’t hunted the summonings yet…

So, in conclusion…I’mma just autolevel so I don’t have to worry about high level mobs then and just murder everything! Sure, it is cheating…maybe…but I’m tired of running away and it’d make the game funner for me. Plus…then I can open up more slots in the stupid License board.

I understand that it is like FFX sphere grid, but I can’t plan for my characters with it. You don’t see what weapons or armor or spells or whatever a few boxes away from where you are, so when you use your LP to open x,y, and z box…I often found myself wasting LP. At this point I kind of just open whatever with armor and weapons and hope for the best…since I don’t remember what the characters were originally assigned weapon wise.

The license board also doesn’t help when trying to buy armor and weapons in the shop. I never know what armor to buy and if it is the best for my characters or if it will be the best once I buy that box in the license board…and it often leaves me just staring at the screen and eventually give up. My characters probably have all noob gear back from level ten because of this. I recently got a bit better at it…but it still leaves me confused.

Lack of Gil doesn’t help either…but that doesn’t bother me nearly as much. I have enough to get by.


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