Final Fantasy XII Musings

So…finally something that won’t be a wall of text.

And anyone who reads this blog is getting spoiled at the moment since I’ll be gone all next week and have musings that must be gotten rid of before I’m away from my laptop. So enjoy!

Anyway…more talk about FF12. Just some other things I’ve noticed about it.

So…Mt Bur-Omisace is flipping beautiful…at least when you first get there. If you wanna see for yourself check out the video at 3:49 to 4:04, 4:59 to 5:18, and if you watch from 5:18 to about 5:43 you can see the clouds that go by next to Mt Bur-Omisace. My favorite part were those clouds passing by as you stood there looking over them. To be above the clouds seems kinda beautiful to me.

The other thing is King Raithwall’s Tomb. When you get to the end where there is a lot of Mist…I would find myself running and would see myself reflected in the mist. This, of course, freaked me out the first time it happened because it’s creepy seeing something running at you and then realizing it’s a reflection of your character in the mist. Also…mist is close to fog…why is it reflective? I don’t understand.

I would try to find a video so you could see what I’m talking about…but the videos are too poor quality to show it.


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