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Kingdom Hearts Rage?!? No Way!

So I love Kingdom Hearts. My whole family…if someone starts playing it, they come and tell me they are playing it because they know I know all about the games. Anyone who knows me will admit that it is my favorite series, and that it defined most of my teenage years.

However, I do have one major complaint though…thought now thinking about it it maybe makes sense.

So, with Kingdom Hearts one we had “Simple and Clean” as the theme. After checking, it was the theme for Chain of Memories as well…though whatever. With Kingdom Hearts 2 they used Passion (Or Sanctuary). From then on they only used these two songs….

What? Was no other song that Utada Hikaru wrote good enough to use for the games? Why isn’t a different song used?

I don’t know why, but it bugs me. I want another song to fangirl over, rather then just the same song over and over again. It seems like…cheating…to me. If that makes sense.

Thinking about it again…maybe there is a theory behind the madness.

Kingdom Hearts 1, Chain of Memories, Birth By Sleep, and Re:Coded all play Simple and Clean.
Kingdom Hearts 2, and 358/2 Days play Passion.

Simple and Clean all focus on before Chain of Memories (Coded with it’s focus on the first game as well), and all feature Sora in some small way (Even Birth By Sleep…since Sora helped Ventus…and it explains why Riku thought he was the Keyblade Master and how that all happened).
Passion is after Chain of Memories, and both feature Roxas.

Thinking about it that way, I guess it makes sense. Still…need some new music.

In other news…I’m excited for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Of course I’ll have to buy the 3DS then…ah…money….


No! My Boat!

So…I’ve really been wanting to play Tales of Symphonia lately. I love this game with a passion, and it is up there next to Kingdom Hearts. It’s not easy to get up there.

Anyway…in the need to deal with the want of playing, because I do not own the game myself and have to wait until college starts and play my roomate’s game, I will probably end up talking about Tales of Symphonia in the next few posts.

Onto the fun story about the game. So…


In the first game, you can rebuild Luin, buy a boat from a Pirate, and get a Pirate outfit. Me and my friends worked hard on raising the money to rebuild Luin (100,000+), and we felt accomplished after doing so. Plus, I really wanted to run around in the pirate outfit (you can unlock alternate outfits for all the characters…I love all their outfits). That, and Lloyd always wanted a boat and there is a scene in the game where he talks about it…so I was happy to fulfill his wish.

Imagine my surprise when, in the Sequal, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of  New World, I found a boat in the dried up lake next to Luin. It was wrecked and just sitting there.

At first I thought nothing of it and was just running around and looking for treasure and ran towards the boat.

The Ah-hah moment….


MY BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Also…Becca may have gotten my hooked on gifs unintentionally….and for reference I refer to the boat as mine since in my group I’m “Lloyd” and will cosplay him eventually. It made the heartbreak more though.)

Harry Potter Dreams

So saw the midnight release of Harry Potter last night. I was dressed up as Harry, and went with a few friends.

Twas great, though I think I was the only one who was not crying because it was over. I was all: YEAH HARRY WON! WHOOOOOO!

I say it’s cause I am Harry and the Hero and I understand…or something (In my group of friends I’ve been dubbed Harry).

That night I relieved the Harry Potter movie in my dreams, but in a weird way.

All I remember is that we were in a House and we couldn’t step outside the house or Voldemort would find us and try to kill us. There was a mountain (or big hill) behind us. Um….some vague things  like Ginny I think. And how it ended was me…and it was me…who was being Harry, driving away in a car. It was Central High Schools parking lot (and for those who don’t know Central…just picture a parking lot). It is the way I always walk to my van from rehearsal…that was the parking lot…though it was across from the “house”. I took off and went into a alleyway with Voldemort and his cronies in a car behind me. I had to drive around people and remember thinking that I just have to do this and revving myself up because I was a still a new driver…which I am in life…so thinking it in the dream was funny. But I just revved myself up cause I had to get away and lure Voldemort away…(perhaps reminiscent of harry in the forbidden forest in HP7.5…won’t say more then that). Then I woke up.

I also remember being a omniscient presence that was angry that my dream was not following what happened in the books while also having the dream at the same time…if that makes sense. It makes me laugh.


So…tomorrow I will cease to be a teen and will reach the age of 20.

I will no longer be Squall’s (FFVIII) age (or Yuna’s (FFX)), which is 19.

I passed Sora’s (Kingdom Hearts) age a long time ago.

I have yet to hit Cloud’s (FFVII) age which is 21 (23 in Advent Children and the age I associate with him most).

I’ve passed Lloyd (Tales of Symphonia) age.

Really…what character is 20?

Oh! Tifa apparantly is (FFVII).

And maybe the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. There is something about the Rose blooming till his 21st year so that would make him 20 yes, yes?

Oh! And Tarzan I believe.

I can’t find any others though. Guess 20 is not a popular age. Plenty of 19’s and 21’s though! Well, except for Disney. They love the age 16 a lot.

Don’t think any character’s birthday matches mine though…might have to do research when I get back from South Dakota, which I’ll be leaving for in a few hours.

Buttons and Belts

Raine: Between me [Raine], you [Lloyd], and Kratos, crapton of buttons to be had. Crap ton.
Me: Of course. Buttons are to Tales of games like belts are to Final Fantasy.
Raine: Lawl. Unless your Kratos. Then you can have both :3
Me: Well, he’s just that much of a badass.
Raine: True fax. Plus he’s a smokin’ hot stud, who enjoys brooding.
Me: Exactly!

This is a conversation I just had with a friend. I love our conversations.
Plus…Final Fantasy does have belts up the butt…just like Tales of Symphonia has a crapton of buttons. I’ll have to play the other Tales games to see if it holds true…but I know the belt rule holds true for Final Fantasy. All those character’s outfit have like…a bazillion belts. Just look at Lulu in FFX!

Radiata Stories Nostaglia

Spoilers will be striked for those who wished to be unspoiled.

So, I played this game over a year ago, and will probably play again in the future. I was also trying to create a game script for it since it had yet to be done, but that has been put on hold for the time. Anyway, I do love this game, though I can see where it would be lacking for people. For me though, it was a treat.

First off, the story splits in two. You have to play through the game twice to get each side of the story. There is the Human side and the Fairy side to the endings. While the game seems to favor the Fairy ending, the Human ending.

With the human ending, it is a much sadder ending that has Jack Russel, the main character, heading off into the distance. With the Fairy ending, he gains content for his father’s death, saves his “love”, and is generally a happier ending. There is more to it, but those were the most significant.

Also, there were certain characters you could recruit. In your team, which consisted of four people, you chose who got to fight with you out of poeple you recruited. It was a fun sidequest that I kept track of, and I actually suceeded in reqruting everyone possible. It was more time consuming then anything, but it kept me interesting. Plus, to get some of the really good fighters to be on your team, you had to recruit certain other characters.

I also enjoyed that Jack changed armor. When you brought him a new set of armor, the clothes he was wearing as you ran around changed too. I often found myself sticking to a certain armor cause it was pleasing to the eye, never mind the stats.

The game ran days like normal days. It was a period of 24 minutes that reflected our 24 hours. The characters themselves would move around the city depending on the time of day, and the time often played a role of when you could recruit certain characters. It was annoying as some points, but I often went and bothered a friend down the hall for a few minutes (because I am in college and live in the dorms), or worked on homework.

Having Fairies, Dwarves, and Dragons join in the game as well had some appeal to me. The leveling system wasn’t hard to master, and the replay value was high for me.

I really love this game though, because it game me a sense that humankind is amazing. Slight spoiler so I’ll switch to the strike out thingy. So the fairies and such are all immortal and live forever. A dragon in the game (who turns out to be the untimate bad guy so I hated him…anyway) remarks that humans are remarkable creatures. They only live for a short time in the world, but yet are ambitious and create great things in their lifetime…all with the thought of being remembered when they are gone. We find out the immortal’s do not have the ability to act quickly, which is a good thing and a bad thing. The human’s actions in the game to react quickly can also be viewed as good and bad. Basically, I got out that there is a time and place to act quickly, while other times to act slow. Also, hearing the dragon have such respect for the humans and what they are able to do in their limited lifetime gave me a sense of pride. We are only here for a short time, and aren’t we told always to make the best of it? Or am I just weird. Yeah, probably just weird.

I would recommend this game to my friends. The characters are dorks and make me laugh, and it generally has good themes behind the gameplay.

The whole war between the humans and the fairy folk…hello! Human’s fighting each other because they are different…then again, any game usually shows fighting is bad.

The fighting style is not hard to understand (though, it is like Final Fantasy 12 but was pulled off a lot better…maybe it’s more like Star Ocean instead…hm…), and…really…there are DRAGONS.