So…tomorrow I will cease to be a teen and will reach the age of 20.

I will no longer be Squall’s (FFVIII) age (or Yuna’s (FFX)), which is 19.

I passed Sora’s (Kingdom Hearts) age a long time ago.

I have yet to hit Cloud’s (FFVII) age which is 21 (23 in Advent Children and the age I associate with him most).

I’ve passed Lloyd (Tales of Symphonia) age.

Really…what character is 20?

Oh! Tifa apparantly is (FFVII).

And maybe the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. There is something about the Rose blooming till his 21st year so that would make him 20 yes, yes?

Oh! And Tarzan I believe.

I can’t find any others though. Guess 20 is not a popular age. Plenty of 19’s and 21’s though! Well, except for Disney. They love the age 16 a lot.

Don’t think any character’s birthday matches mine though…might have to do research when I get back from South Dakota, which I’ll be leaving for in a few hours.


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