Radiata Stories Nostaglia

Spoilers will be striked for those who wished to be unspoiled.

So, I played this game over a year ago, and will probably play again in the future. I was also trying to create a game script for it since it had yet to be done, but that has been put on hold for the time. Anyway, I do love this game, though I can see where it would be lacking for people. For me though, it was a treat.

First off, the story splits in two. You have to play through the game twice to get each side of the story. There is the Human side and the Fairy side to the endings. While the game seems to favor the Fairy ending, the Human ending.

With the human ending, it is a much sadder ending that has Jack Russel, the main character, heading off into the distance. With the Fairy ending, he gains content for his father’s death, saves his “love”, and is generally a happier ending. There is more to it, but those were the most significant.

Also, there were certain characters you could recruit. In your team, which consisted of four people, you chose who got to fight with you out of poeple you recruited. It was a fun sidequest that I kept track of, and I actually suceeded in reqruting everyone possible. It was more time consuming then anything, but it kept me interesting. Plus, to get some of the really good fighters to be on your team, you had to recruit certain other characters.

I also enjoyed that Jack changed armor. When you brought him a new set of armor, the clothes he was wearing as you ran around changed too. I often found myself sticking to a certain armor cause it was pleasing to the eye, never mind the stats.

The game ran days like normal days. It was a period of 24 minutes that reflected our 24 hours. The characters themselves would move around the city depending on the time of day, and the time often played a role of when you could recruit certain characters. It was annoying as some points, but I often went and bothered a friend down the hall for a few minutes (because I am in college and live in the dorms), or worked on homework.

Having Fairies, Dwarves, and Dragons join in the game as well had some appeal to me. The leveling system wasn’t hard to master, and the replay value was high for me.

I really love this game though, because it game me a sense that humankind is amazing. Slight spoiler so I’ll switch to the strike out thingy. So the fairies and such are all immortal and live forever. A dragon in the game (who turns out to be the untimate bad guy so I hated him…anyway) remarks that humans are remarkable creatures. They only live for a short time in the world, but yet are ambitious and create great things in their lifetime…all with the thought of being remembered when they are gone. We find out the immortal’s do not have the ability to act quickly, which is a good thing and a bad thing. The human’s actions in the game to react quickly can also be viewed as good and bad. Basically, I got out that there is a time and place to act quickly, while other times to act slow. Also, hearing the dragon have such respect for the humans and what they are able to do in their limited lifetime gave me a sense of pride. We are only here for a short time, and aren’t we told always to make the best of it? Or am I just weird. Yeah, probably just weird.

I would recommend this game to my friends. The characters are dorks and make me laugh, and it generally has good themes behind the gameplay.

The whole war between the humans and the fairy folk…hello! Human’s fighting each other because they are different…then again, any game usually shows fighting is bad.

The fighting style is not hard to understand (though, it is like Final Fantasy 12 but was pulled off a lot better…maybe it’s more like Star Ocean instead…hm…), and…really…there are DRAGONS.



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