No! My Boat!

So…I’ve really been wanting to play Tales of Symphonia lately. I love this game with a passion, and it is up there next to Kingdom Hearts. It’s not easy to get up there.

Anyway…in the need to deal with the want of playing, because I do not own the game myself and have to wait until college starts and play my roomate’s game, I will probably end up talking about Tales of Symphonia in the next few posts.

Onto the fun story about the game. So…


In the first game, you can rebuild Luin, buy a boat from a Pirate, and get a Pirate outfit. Me and my friends worked hard on raising the money to rebuild Luin (100,000+), and we felt accomplished after doing so. Plus, I really wanted to run around in the pirate outfit (you can unlock alternate outfits for all the characters…I love all their outfits). That, and Lloyd always wanted a boat and there is a scene in the game where he talks about it…so I was happy to fulfill his wish.

Imagine my surprise when, in the Sequal, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of  New World, I found a boat in the dried up lake next to Luin. It was wrecked and just sitting there.

At first I thought nothing of it and was just running around and looking for treasure and ran towards the boat.

The Ah-hah moment….


MY BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Also…Becca may have gotten my hooked on gifs unintentionally….and for reference I refer to the boat as mine since in my group I’m “Lloyd” and will cosplay him eventually. It made the heartbreak more though.)


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  1. you so koot. and i remember when you did that. you wouldn’t leave for like, 10 minutes. and i don’t think we’d even fought our first monsters yet at that point.

    and yesterday, i had a flash back to the first time we finally fought richter, where we purposely failed the first time? when all of you were running around screaming like idiots. and then i attacked, and then i started getting chased by him, and then more shit hit the fan. and then zelos was ‘helping’….

    ahhh good times!


    is the sequel any good??

    • The sequel is okay. I wouldn’t pay for it unless it was really cheap, but it was entertaining in it’s own way.
      For multi-player with it though, it is a little lacking for the beginning of the game.

    I was about ready to shank a bitch when it got taken away from me.

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