Lego Harry Potter

So, I recently got Lego Harry Potter for the Wii. I was hesitant at first, but it is ridiculously fun.

My cousin was over, and with this game being a two player game, we started it together. From now on I’ll probably continue it with her, or start a new file with a friend. While I could run around and play it by myself, the experience is enhanced with a friend. That, and I’m too lazy to switch between Ron, Harry, and Hermione, which I would need to do in some situations. Easier with a friend to control that other person.

Onto actually talking about the game. It opens with Privet drive, and you go through some cut scenes until you are just about to enter Diagon Alley.  Second player gets to control Hagrid, which was amusing for my cousin as she chased me, Harry, around. Harry, not having a wand at the moment, would roll into things if you pressed the button where, later on, you cast spells with. There was also a barrel that Hagrid or Harry could hide under. Hagrid barley fitting, and only seeing Harry’s feet when he walked. Amusement galore.

You also got to control a goblin in Gringotts, which was amusing.

Other favorite parts was finding the Mirror of Erised (Which I just realized is Desire backwards…wow…I’m slow sometimes), where Mr.Crouch found me under my Invisiblity Cloak, which left my cousin to continue on until she failed at blasting some books outta the way (me saying I was distracting Crouch). By then we figured to his Mrs. Norris, which finally let Mr.Crouch let go of me and I could assist.

The first flying lesson was amusing since the trio all could fly, but flashing at the bottom was that Harry was the only good flying. My cousin kept going she wanted to be Harry, because Hermione was horrible at it and Ron was iffy.

We haven’t gotten much father then that, but I look forward to finding the little things like hopping around on a plunger, or a pumpkin. Plus, as you run you pretty much blast things the whole way, and who doesn’t like a little bit of destruction. Plus, me and my cousin have a system worked out. I blast and collect all the legos falling all over the place, and she takes down the bad guy that needs to be taken down or explores and does magic on things.


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