FVII Fenrir

So…I just had a though about this wolf that follows Cloud around in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Since this movie, I’ve always associated the wolf with Cloud. Even in fanfics I read, if Cloud is made into an animal, he is made into the wolf. Or he is associated with the wolf. I never questioned it since Cloud is something like a lone wolf and it symbolizes him in a nice way.

But…depending on what era of fanfic you refer to (Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children…he is the wolf, but with Crisis Core he is often a chocobo instead),  the animal changes. It got me to thinking that maybe the wolf wasn’t Cloud at all, and wasn’t referring to him.

Instead, I began wondering if it was a pack member watching out for him. Zack was always the puppy, so I wondered if the wolf was Zack watching over the last pack member left (With Angeal, Genisis, and Aerith all gone and Sephiroth insane and kinda gone). Kunsel maybe might be a pack member, and Cisseni perhaps…but Cloud was the one he died for and is Zack’s living legacy. Why wouldn’t he follow around as a wolf that appears every once in a while to give Cloud encouragement. Plus…he is standing by the sword…and later on, when Cloud has to wake up after the battle with Sephiroth, the wolf is there again. The wolf never replaces Cloud, but seems to be a something that watches over him instead.

So, I think the wolf is Zack.

Sure, it could still symbolize Cloud because Cloud does act like a lone wolf half the time, and he is in Zack’s pack in a way (Pack being friendship…if I’m getting a little to out there), but the Lifestream does act in weird ways, so I think it’s Zack appearing and bugging Cloud because he can.

Plus, Cloud’s motorcycle being name Fenrir, and the image of the wolf everywhere is more proof of him being Zack’s legacy. Plus, it could be a symbol of the pack again, since, after checking the Final Fantasy wiki (and seeing it’s not just me with these crazy ideas) Tifa, Barret, and Denzel apparently wear the symbol on rings. More pack members! (though, why doesn’t Marlene have it yet…is she too young? Or is it because she’s marry into another family someday? Family lines and everything…)

And the emblem on Cloud’s shoulder is known as Fenrir (pack symbol) or as the Cloudy wolf. Cause Cloud is a wolf now because he was accepted into the wolf pack…and Zack would totally call Cloud Cloudy. And too add to the previous paragrpah, maybe that image being on those people’s rings is Cloud extending the pack and this is his pack now, since Zack is no longer around and as stated, he is the legacy of Zack.

So, here’s a short summary if I lost you: The wolf is Zack. The symbol of the wolf in a symbol of the pack, which extends from Zack to Cloud (who makes the symbol since Zack isn’t around to do it and he’s Zack’s living legacy…and must continue and extend the ‘pack’) to Tifa, Barret, and Denzel apparently.

Everyone understand?


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