Fight the Dragon

So…from this scene…we got a really bad dirty joke. So, if you are looking for a sexual innuendo to add to all your others…add Fight the Dragon.

So, an explanation. Richter and Emil have the hots for each other in mine and my friends minds. Richter is constantly helping Emil out even though he is supposed to be on the “bad” side. Also, just their dialogue mixed in with our crazy sleep deprived minds and the fact we hate Marta with a passion, this became a couple for us.

And…in this scene…these two are away from the group and they have to fight a dragon. And then they talk…and Richter tells Emil that his dreams are good luck…Emil says his name…and then Richter blushes….


Plus…if you are reading the dialogue with that mindset, it makes it a whole lot more amusing.

(Emil when he gets back to camp)
Marta: Took you long enough.
Emil: Yeah. I got attacked by this monster.
Me: Hehe…I bet you did…*eyebrow waggle*


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  1. soooo do i need to bring lola in addition to flora? and do i need sharon and does marf need break? these are important things i need to know. because then i have to finish my petticoat…

    • I thought that was always the deal in addition to all the celebrating. Taking pics in Shinde’s woods and whatever else. And I dunno about lola…Sophie will have her sewing machine if we really want to be ambitious…unless we want it…idk…we need to have a skype conversation…I need to stop being busy…cause of course over the weekend I get busy.

      • ditto. thing is, i have a con this weekend, so we’ll see if i’m actually able to skype ya’ll then. but i am bringing my laptop so hopefully i’ll be able to have internet access. we shall see. and i think if we have space, i’ll bring lola. so we shall see. and skype. so yay!

      • Which con is it this time?
        And I’ll lol if you skype us while walking around the convention.

      • Go!Daiko Con, which, coincidence of coincidence is in MI. but its like a 4.5 hour drive for gil, so i haven’t mentioned it. and maybe i will. we shall see. i guess it depends on how busy we are at the con, and what exactly imma doin.

      • Interesting, and I’m crossing mah fingers for hopeful chatting 😀

  2. i love this. and you. i’m glad this is recorded forever on the internets. and this just makes me want to play ToS again. maybe we can do it at Gil’s? that’d make me happy.

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