Temple of Lightning

Otherwise known as the @I*#UI$U#()# Temple of Lightning. I don’t like this temple in either Tales of Symphonia game. This temple is mean, and doing it for the first time at like…two in the morning, is not good for the eyes.

So…why is this temple a bastard, and along with it Volt.

In fact…lets explain Volt first. SPOILER ALERT. He put Sheena’s grandpa in a coma, and kills a bunch of other people in Mizuho (Sheena’s Village of Ninjas). He kills Corrine (who is an adorable fox that travels with Sheena until this temple), and he speaks a language that is only understandable by some scholars (which, luckily, Raine is one)….and oh yeah…he likes lightning…a lot…and tries to kill Sheena with it.

And you have to get him on your side. >.>

Now lets explain the temple. They have rooms where it it’s like a slow strobe light that flashes every few seconds, and then fades in light before the next flash. Oh…and the walkway is limited and you can fall down off it and then have to start over.

Oh…and the tower puposefully makes you run through these rooms at least a dozen times…and you run to the top of the temple to release the little button thing that will change the sorcerers ring (which shoots fire/lightning/ect…depending on the last button thingy you pushed)…and there are three tiers of ‘lightning’ in the temple and its constant going up and down the tower. Oh…and if you forget to hit a certain block with a certain color (cause blocks block your way that can only be shot with ‘lightning’ away with a certain colored lightning tier)…you have to run back down and change the color to the right tier, run back..and then run back AGAIN and get the next tier…to finally get where you need to be and activate xxx thing so you can finally get to Volt. SO. MUCH. RUNNING. BACK.AND.FORTH.

And it doesn’t stop there. No…my first time I was running around and was stopped on a bridge that leads from one side of an area to the other, puzzling what to do next. It was late and me and my friends had been playing for a few hours already. So we were tired and Volt’s lightning was not helping our eyes. So, I decided what to do and then tried to move…


Lloyd would turn a certain way if I moved him, but I couldn’t move from that spot. At a closer look I was literally IN the floor.

My words went like this: I can’t move! What the fuck I can’t move! I can’t fucking move. GOD DAMMIT! FML!!!!!!!!! Fuck. My. Life. (and then repeats of these phrases)

This pretty much woke me and my friend up and she started laughing (while my third friend snoozed on). I eventually dissolved into laughter and maybe a few tears, rolling around on the couch as my friend laughed at my misfortune. (And for those who know me, Marf was the one laughing, Shinde the one sleeping).

Eventually I rebooted from the last save point, but I’ll never forget that first time through the temple. And when I found out I had to go through it in Dawn of a New World, I was not happy. I don’t even remember it that much from the second game…I must’ve repressed the memories. I hate this temple that much.

(on a random note, I think I like gifs too much)


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  1. a. yes, you like gifs a bit too much, but thats okay because it’s entertaining. between this post and the one before, i seriously lmfao’d.
    b. i’m still sad i missed that first time through the temple. but whatever.
    c. we avoided gross nasty volt until the very latest that we could in ToS2, and then we went as fast as possible. all i remember of that is sitting there with the guide, telling you where you had to go, and kinda fighting thing.
    d. what are you going to do when we have to go through it again when we replay, again? well, aside from yelling FUCK at 3 am or thereabouts…
    😀 ❤

    • Heheh…that’s why I use them…they are very entertaining.
      Ah…so that’s what happened with the second game…
      And when we play again…uh…be annoyed while quickly running through it.

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