Meeting Sephiroth

I first met Sephiroth way before I even got into Final Fantasy VII. I met him in Kingdom Hearts.

Remember that ??? option in the coliseum later on in the game. I went…well, might as well try it.

Going in I was in awe of what was going on…because this guy was coming down from the heavens and there was epic music playing.

So right off the bat I was a little nervous, but I was up to giving it a try. I had leveled quite a bit so I was a bit cocky in what I could take down.

Then the fight started and Sephiroth basically two shot-ed, if not one shot-ed me.

I could only stare at the screen and go…omg…he killed me so fast….

Later on I came to know him as Sephiroth, but I’ll never forget the first meeting. That, and my cousin did the same exact thing too.


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  1. Maybe it’s just because of the new battle engine, but I enjoyed the optional battle in the second installment more than the Platinum Match of the first.

    Still, the fact that you could go toe-to-toe with one of the most well-known antagonists in the Final Fantasy series was a nice little touch for the fans.

    • I heard that Sephiroth in the 2nd game is a lot easier then in the first. I’ve tried both battles (haven’t won either yet), but I’d agree that I have more fun in the second game. Plus, that one attack that can bring you down to 1 hp…at least you have a chance to block it by pressing triangle. With the first game, you have no such luck. Gives you more of a chance to not be one-shot-ed.

      Still sad that the Final Fantasy characters were lacking in the recent Birth By Sleep installment (aside from Zack), but it has been enjoyable to have them in the other installments.

      • I agree with that. He’s a lot easier to beat in the second game since there are more useful combo attack abilities at Sora’s disposal; useful as in Sephiroth won’t end up with a chance to interrupt your combo just because one of the Keyblade swings miss him.

        Sephiroth still has that unblockable insta-kill ability in the second game, which he now casts behind you IN THE AIR. It can still be interrupted mid-cast, though.

        Good luck with defeating him in both games. I remember it took me a while before I managed to beat him senseless in the first game.

      • Oh yeah…I remember that move.

        And thanks. I’ll try again eventually.

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