Said Wrong, Read Wrong

So…I have issues sometimes with the English language…and here I will outline some of the other words I have messed up.

Tales of the Abyss: Chesedonia (instead of Cas-e-donia…I read it as Cheese-donia)

Harry Potter: Sirius ( instead of Serious, I read it as Si-rus)

Pokemon: Spiritomb (I read as Spiritbomb), and Ciphown (I read as Chipher)

I also have a hard time with Ian…if I see the world I will say I-an…instead of E-an…like it’s supposed to be. Same with Sean…I read as sean instead of shawn…

I fail sometimes.

( And gif not really related…I’m just tired)


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  1. so, in reading your list, i misread spiritomb… as spiritbomb. and the way i learned to read sean correctly was through a friend with the name. firist time i saw it i thought it was seen too.

  2. Haha! I use to pronounce hermione as her-me-on.

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