Behind the Scenes

You ever hear the beautiful music of a dozen instruments playing together in perfect harmony? Or perhaps just one soloist…playing into the dark. That is perfect harmony.

This, however is not. My geeky interests clash and crash, one trying to take prerogative over the others. Will I play my Playstation 2 today, or go online and game? I just can’t wait for the anime convention next week! Oh! I have a show tonight so I have no time to play games! These thoughts, along with many more unusual ones, playfully trot through my mind, eventually all adding up to the colorful person I am.

All these facets (Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, Fiesta, Theater, and Disney to name big ones) combine together to create my interests and life. They’ve helped me grow as a person, and taught me right from wrong (along with…well, parents and friends too), and entertain me for hours on end. They are my Symphony! A symphony of nerdiness.

And I love every minute of it.


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