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Yo! Can’t we all just be friends?

Before I get into meaty bit of this post, I should introduce what I’m talking about. Fiesta is the game (an mass-multi-player online game), and Hyrule is my character. A level 73 (at he time of this post) Cleric. Isn’t she cute~?

Anyway, I have been playing this game for over a year now. At first there were not a lot of spanish speakers online, but lately that is all I seem to run into. Now, I don’t mind other languages. Heck, I study another language (being German), but it does get kind of annoying that I’ll be in a party and they are only speaking spanish. I love to interact with people in this game and hold conversations, so with being unable to understand the conversation in the first place, it makes it difficult.

However, I personally don’t hold it against them that they don’t speak English well. Others in the game do though. Just today, when I was in a Kingdom Quest (King Kong Phino to be exact), a person from my party was making sure the boss was distracted so he wouldn’t go around smashing up mages and archers. Phino is the bosses name, and usually we have him facing the wall so that when he does his fall to the ground move that hits everyone in range, it misses the previously mentioned squishy mages. Phino was facing the group though, putting some of the mages in harms way. I, being a cleric, did not have a problem standing far enough back that Phino couldn’t reach me, so I could heal the mages and the fighter (who was up in Phino’s face). I dunno if mages have the range I do with my spells, so I could see how this could be a problem.

Everyone was telling the fighter to turn Phino around, but in English, a language he didn’t understand. And no one was in our party who spoke spanish because the Kingdom Quest only allows 15 people in each run, and they didn’t get in before others did. So, he didn’t understand, and I’m sure he was more focused on keeping the boss occupied then reading the chat window.

Afterwards, we won, so I saw no problem. Other’s did though, and started calling him a jajaja (Jajaja being a phrase those who spoke spanish used often…which I took as a laughing sound in my experience). I almost lost it, but instead just congratulated my party on a good job and told the fighter to ignore the people because he did fine. It wasn’t perfect, but the Quest was a success. Plus, the fighter was a sweety, and there was no way I could stay annoyed with him. (Actually, most of my spanish speaking friends online are all sweeties, and do communicate in english with me the best they can. Plus, some actually can speak English as well, and will tell me what the conversation is about and chat with me)

I still couldn’t believe that other in the Kingdom Quest were calling him, and people who spoke his language, Jajaja’s. It was insulting and rude. The worst thing is that others from the Quest laughed along with it. I swear…If this was real life I would’ve been glaring at them all. That was just rude.

I understand it is annoying to not know what someone else is saying because they are speaking another language, but that gives no one the right to make fun of them. It just showed me that even in a game where you don’t even see the person’s face (because we all run around as characters), discrimination can still rear it’s ugly head.

Really….isn’t it time we just all got along? It’d certainly clear up some headaches.