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More KH Rage

So, with Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep…I was disappointed to not have any little Final Fantasy kids running around. While I like Zack…I really wanted to see a little Cloud, Leon…or heck…give me a women holding a baby Yuffie. Anything to show that they lived in Radiant Garden!

But no…nothing…

I am disappoint.

Though…I wonder if Kairi met any of them before…hm…new ideas stirring…oh! And she might’ve…no…I think did…meet Organization 13 before they were Organization 13…hm…plot plot plot….


Meeting Sephiroth

I first met Sephiroth way before I even got into Final Fantasy VII. I met him in Kingdom Hearts.

Remember that ??? option in the coliseum later on in the game. I went…well, might as well try it.

Going in I was in awe of what was going on…because this guy was coming down from the heavens and there was epic music playing.

So right off the bat I was a little nervous, but I was up to giving it a try. I had leveled quite a bit so I was a bit cocky in what I could take down.

Then the fight started and Sephiroth basically two shot-ed, if not one shot-ed me.

I could only stare at the screen and go…omg…he killed me so fast….

Later on I came to know him as Sephiroth, but I’ll never forget the first meeting. That, and my cousin did the same exact thing too.

Hearts Plox

So….my cousin was playing my 358/2 days game, and my other cousin was questioning the difference between nobodies and heartless. So me, being the nerd I am, explained…and then realized that I don’t really understand why the nobodies want Kingdom Hearts so bad.

I mean, I get that they want hearts to become their own people or something like that. The original few became nobodies in the pursuit of finding out more about Kingdom Hearts and such. But…there is never mention of a consequence if they don’t become “sombodies”. What was wrong with how they were. Sure…they weren’t meant to exist…but people have been born on accident so they weren’t meant to exist either but they do. The nobodies were born…in a way…so…why not just stay as a “nobody” and live their life. I mean…even if they can’t reproduce or anything…so what, they could still live fulfilling lives. What…does something happen when their somebodies come back from the darkness…cause Roxas only had memory loss and went to sleep for like…100 days or something when Sora had his memories affected.

So yeah…the somebody and the nobody are still connected, but how much do they really affect each other?

And yeah…nobodies don’t have hearts so they want to get them to feel again…but for people without feelings they sure do act like they do…so I guess I understand why they do what they do in a way, while also questioning.

But…with Roxas…why did he have to join back with Sora. Sora and Roxas were both awake at the same time…and then Sora went to sleep…what, could Sora only wake up if Roxas was back with him? They were both fine and running around before so what was the difference. And, given the chance, I’m sure Sora would work with Roxas to find a way that wouldn’t put the worlds in peril to give Roxas a heart so he could be his own person. Why not go down that road. It’d be just like twins separated.

And Roxas was still there at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2…why not just separate then? Or are they past that then? I mean…I know Sora has no clue what is going on, but Riku has a kind of clue.

What happens to the nobodies Sora ‘killed’. Do they join back with their hosts when they come back from the Darkness?

WTF Kingdom Hearts…You no make sense if I think to hard about it. Yet I still love you so much.

Kingdom Hearts Rage?!? No Way!

So I love Kingdom Hearts. My whole family…if someone starts playing it, they come and tell me they are playing it because they know I know all about the games. Anyone who knows me will admit that it is my favorite series, and that it defined most of my teenage years.

However, I do have one major complaint though…thought now thinking about it it maybe makes sense.

So, with Kingdom Hearts one we had “Simple and Clean” as the theme. After checking, it was the theme for Chain of Memories as well…though whatever. With Kingdom Hearts 2 they used Passion (Or Sanctuary). From then on they only used these two songs….

What? Was no other song that Utada Hikaru wrote good enough to use for the games? Why isn’t a different song used?

I don’t know why, but it bugs me. I want another song to fangirl over, rather then just the same song over and over again. It seems like…cheating…to me. If that makes sense.

Thinking about it again…maybe there is a theory behind the madness.

Kingdom Hearts 1, Chain of Memories, Birth By Sleep, and Re:Coded all play Simple and Clean.
Kingdom Hearts 2, and 358/2 Days play Passion.

Simple and Clean all focus on before Chain of Memories (Coded with it’s focus on the first game as well), and all feature Sora in some small way (Even Birth By Sleep…since Sora helped Ventus…and it explains why Riku thought he was the Keyblade Master and how that all happened).
Passion is after Chain of Memories, and both feature Roxas.

Thinking about it that way, I guess it makes sense. Still…need some new music.

In other news…I’m excited for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Of course I’ll have to buy the 3DS then…ah…money….


So…tomorrow I will cease to be a teen and will reach the age of 20.

I will no longer be Squall’s (FFVIII) age (or Yuna’s (FFX)), which is 19.

I passed Sora’s (Kingdom Hearts) age a long time ago.

I have yet to hit Cloud’s (FFVII) age which is 21 (23 in Advent Children and the age I associate with him most).

I’ve passed Lloyd (Tales of Symphonia) age.

Really…what character is 20?

Oh! Tifa apparantly is (FFVII).

And maybe the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. There is something about the Rose blooming till his 21st year so that would make him 20 yes, yes?

Oh! And Tarzan I believe.

I can’t find any others though. Guess 20 is not a popular age. Plenty of 19’s and 21’s though! Well, except for Disney. They love the age 16 a lot.

Don’t think any character’s birthday matches mine though…might have to do research when I get back from South Dakota, which I’ll be leaving for in a few hours.

Ursula Debate Part 2

So…in the article in the last Ursula Debate…this was said:

In the Kingdom Hearts video game, Ursula appears as one of Maleficent’s co-conspirators, using the power of the Heartless to attack Atlantica and gain power. In this version of events the official walkthrough states that Ursula was King Triton’s fortuneteller before she was banished. Ursula is eventually defeated by Sora, Ariel, Donald Duck and Goofy. In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, she appears as a facsimile created from Sora’s memories. In Kingdom Hearts II, Ursula mysteriously returns through the powers of darkness and appears to Ariel, and recreates her film role. As the film’s storyline is retold in the game, Ursula does not recognize Sora and co., and Ariel makes no mention of her defeat in the original Kingdom Hearts. In fact, when Ursula arrives to make the deal with Ariel, the latter reacts as though she has seen Ursula for the first time. Sora, however, does note that Ursula “got what she deserved” in the first game. At the story’s climax, she is defeated when Eric hurls the trident straight through Ursula’s chest, destroying her seemingly once and for all.

I didn’t realize that they never questioned why Ursula was back in Kingdom Hearts 2, or that they ignored the fact all that happened in Kingdom Hearts 1 happened. I know Ariel didn’t find Prince Eric in KH1. They have her find him in KH2…so I guess I just overlooked the defeated in KH1 part in favor of the story line of “The Little Mermaid” finally being fufilled.

When I do play KH2 again, I’ll be looking at these scenes a bit more in depth.

Quit it up there!

So, last night it was thunder storming where I lived. It was a pretty nasty storm and I was talking to my friend while watching it. We had just been talking about getting together and playing video games, so of course my mind goes back to that. Plus…Cloud (Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII) usually comes to mind at least once an hour.

I’m not obsessed or anything…>.> <,< >.>

Anywho…I was watching the storm and it is Lightning up the butt. Seriously…there was barely a pause between each stroke of lightning. So…thinking of Final Fantasy XIII, I go: “Lighting! Cloud! Quit it up there! Geez you two!” My friend laughed.

In my mind I went to Final Fantasy: Dissidia…and then entertained the thought that maybe they were having an epic battle with their nemesis up there and that’s why the storm was so bad. I mean, since the two were in the same place at the same time. I also thought that Squall should keep a better handle on his boyfriend (Yes, I entertain the idea that Leon/Squall and Cloud are romantically inclined. Don’t judge!) or get out there and help him. But…the storm wasn’t a Squall (cause it’s a weather pattern too)…so…I didn’t say anything about that.

So we continue talking on the phone and watching the storm and the wind picks up. It was actually kind of scary with the way the streetlights were set up that it looked like the rain was river of water because of the wind. I just kept thinking back to the recent Japan tsunami and going…Gah! No flash floods please! I didn’t say that to my friend, but we did talk about the wind.

Then I remembered that Ventus means wind (Ventus being from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Aqua is also from that game). So then I pick on them too and go: “Ventus! Aqua! You too! Stop that!”

I love myself sometimes. Really I do. The fact that I can’t even watch a thunderstorm without nerdy thoughts makes my day.