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Nerdiness at its Finest

So, this past weekend I was on a train down to visit some college friends. Before hand, I had packed some essentials like a few Manga books to read, and my DS, figuring I could play it on the train.

On the train, I realized that The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks was still in my DS. So, of course I pull it out and start playing, making sure to spend quite a lot of time on the train in the game riding around and pulling the whistle.

Seriously, if I hadn’t had my headphones in, I’m sure I would’ve annoyed my neighbors since all I do while riding the train in the game is pull that whistle. I can’t help it, I’m like a little kid with it. Pull. Pull. Pull.

Anyway, I had to text some of my more nerdy friends while doing this, and felt very accomplished that I had Link driving a train while I was on a train. My nerdiness quota for that day was filled by noon.