First Introduction with FFVII

So…I kind of knew about FFVII and the characters. It started with a hot guy at an anime convention, and ends with my obsession of Cloud in all that he does.

Hot guy was dressed as Cloud and it was the first time I went: “Woah. Hot Guy.”

From there my friend let me watch FFVII: Advent Children. I had no idea what was going on, but it was hilarious to watch with no clue what was going on.

Especially the scene with Tifa fallen and Cloud finding her…and then him falling and then the Lifestream interlude. Me and my friend, who hadn’t seen it either were just going…WTF…and laughing our butts off.

And any part with Reno (like him getting locked out of the cabin by Cloud) was hilarious.


But then he came back so I was happy again.

And after that we tried to watch the FFVII overview on the DVD, but that didn’t work cause we got distracted. I eventually borrowed a copy from another friend so I did go back and do my research.

And now I have my own copy and dress up as Cloudia (Cloud when he has to wear a dress to save Tifa from Don Conero. Whoot).


Temple of Lightning

Otherwise known as the @I*#UI$U#()# Temple of Lightning. I don’t like this temple in either Tales of Symphonia game. This temple is mean, and doing it for the first time at like…two in the morning, is not good for the eyes.

So…why is this temple a bastard, and along with it Volt.

In fact…lets explain Volt first. SPOILER ALERT. He put Sheena’s grandpa in a coma, and kills a bunch of other people in Mizuho (Sheena’s Village of Ninjas). He kills Corrine (who is an adorable fox that travels with Sheena until this temple), and he speaks a language that is only understandable by some scholars (which, luckily, Raine is one)….and oh yeah…he likes lightning…a lot…and tries to kill Sheena with it.

And you have to get him on your side. >.>

Now lets explain the temple. They have rooms where it it’s like a slow strobe light that flashes every few seconds, and then fades in light before the next flash. Oh…and the walkway is limited and you can fall down off it and then have to start over.

Oh…and the tower puposefully makes you run through these rooms at least a dozen times…and you run to the top of the temple to release the little button thing that will change the sorcerers ring (which shoots fire/lightning/ect…depending on the last button thingy you pushed)…and there are three tiers of ‘lightning’ in the temple and its constant going up and down the tower. Oh…and if you forget to hit a certain block with a certain color (cause blocks block your way that can only be shot with ‘lightning’ away with a certain colored lightning tier)…you have to run back down and change the color to the right tier, run back..and then run back AGAIN and get the next tier…to finally get where you need to be and activate xxx thing so you can finally get to Volt. SO. MUCH. RUNNING. BACK.AND.FORTH.

And it doesn’t stop there. No…my first time I was running around and was stopped on a bridge that leads from one side of an area to the other, puzzling what to do next. It was late and me and my friends had been playing for a few hours already. So we were tired and Volt’s lightning was not helping our eyes. So, I decided what to do and then tried to move…


Lloyd would turn a certain way if I moved him, but I couldn’t move from that spot. At a closer look I was literally IN the floor.

My words went like this: I can’t move! What the fuck I can’t move! I can’t fucking move. GOD DAMMIT! FML!!!!!!!!! Fuck. My. Life. (and then repeats of these phrases)

This pretty much woke me and my friend up and she started laughing (while my third friend snoozed on). I eventually dissolved into laughter and maybe a few tears, rolling around on the couch as my friend laughed at my misfortune. (And for those who know me, Marf was the one laughing, Shinde the one sleeping).

Eventually I rebooted from the last save point, but I’ll never forget that first time through the temple. And when I found out I had to go through it in Dawn of a New World, I was not happy. I don’t even remember it that much from the second game…I must’ve repressed the memories. I hate this temple that much.

(on a random note, I think I like gifs too much)

Exploding Snap

So…with the game Exploding Snap in the Harry Potter books….I always read it as Exploding Snape.

I’M SORRY SNAPE!!!!!!!!!!!

   -goes to the left-

(Why yes…I did just have a whole conversation with gifs…and I guess the exploding snape made sense to me since he was a ‘mean’ teacher and it was the trio’s way of ‘getting back’ at snape…and in my head the game had a lot of explosions…and the game was played with wands…which had no Snape in it…so yeah…my mind is weird but it made sense to me and I’ll probably always read it as exploding snape.)

Fight the Dragon

So…from this scene…we got a really bad dirty joke. So, if you are looking for a sexual innuendo to add to all your others…add Fight the Dragon.

So, an explanation. Richter and Emil have the hots for each other in mine and my friends minds. Richter is constantly helping Emil out even though he is supposed to be on the “bad” side. Also, just their dialogue mixed in with our crazy sleep deprived minds and the fact we hate Marta with a passion, this became a couple for us.

And…in this scene…these two are away from the group and they have to fight a dragon. And then they talk…and Richter tells Emil that his dreams are good luck…Emil says his name…and then Richter blushes….


Plus…if you are reading the dialogue with that mindset, it makes it a whole lot more amusing.

(Emil when he gets back to camp)
Marta: Took you long enough.
Emil: Yeah. I got attacked by this monster.
Me: Hehe…I bet you did…*eyebrow waggle*

Hearts Plox

So….my cousin was playing my 358/2 days game, and my other cousin was questioning the difference between nobodies and heartless. So me, being the nerd I am, explained…and then realized that I don’t really understand why the nobodies want Kingdom Hearts so bad.

I mean, I get that they want hearts to become their own people or something like that. The original few became nobodies in the pursuit of finding out more about Kingdom Hearts and such. But…there is never mention of a consequence if they don’t become “sombodies”. What was wrong with how they were. Sure…they weren’t meant to exist…but people have been born on accident so they weren’t meant to exist either but they do. The nobodies were born…in a way…so…why not just stay as a “nobody” and live their life. I mean…even if they can’t reproduce or anything…so what, they could still live fulfilling lives. What…does something happen when their somebodies come back from the darkness…cause Roxas only had memory loss and went to sleep for like…100 days or something when Sora had his memories affected.

So yeah…the somebody and the nobody are still connected, but how much do they really affect each other?

And yeah…nobodies don’t have hearts so they want to get them to feel again…but for people without feelings they sure do act like they do…so I guess I understand why they do what they do in a way, while also questioning.

But…with Roxas…why did he have to join back with Sora. Sora and Roxas were both awake at the same time…and then Sora went to sleep…what, could Sora only wake up if Roxas was back with him? They were both fine and running around before so what was the difference. And, given the chance, I’m sure Sora would work with Roxas to find a way that wouldn’t put the worlds in peril to give Roxas a heart so he could be his own person. Why not go down that road. It’d be just like twins separated.

And Roxas was still there at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2…why not just separate then? Or are they past that then? I mean…I know Sora has no clue what is going on, but Riku has a kind of clue.

What happens to the nobodies Sora ‘killed’. Do they join back with their hosts when they come back from the Darkness?

WTF Kingdom Hearts…You no make sense if I think to hard about it. Yet I still love you so much.


I just did my Pottermore registration for the Beta site. I’mma be in there before everyone else! Yessssss!
And my name in FlameJinx22…interesting…I could’ve had FrogMirror or NifflerAccio…but I think flame is better…:D
Now pointless spamming of happiness to express my delight. Glad my friend woke me up since I’ve been up all night waiting to try to get in and only started falling asleep about like…ten minutes before the new question.
But WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FVII Fenrir

So…I just had a though about this wolf that follows Cloud around in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Since this movie, I’ve always associated the wolf with Cloud. Even in fanfics I read, if Cloud is made into an animal, he is made into the wolf. Or he is associated with the wolf. I never questioned it since Cloud is something like a lone wolf and it symbolizes him in a nice way.

But…depending on what era of fanfic you refer to (Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children…he is the wolf, but with Crisis Core he is often a chocobo instead),  the animal changes. It got me to thinking that maybe the wolf wasn’t Cloud at all, and wasn’t referring to him.

Instead, I began wondering if it was a pack member watching out for him. Zack was always the puppy, so I wondered if the wolf was Zack watching over the last pack member left (With Angeal, Genisis, and Aerith all gone and Sephiroth insane and kinda gone). Kunsel maybe might be a pack member, and Cisseni perhaps…but Cloud was the one he died for and is Zack’s living legacy. Why wouldn’t he follow around as a wolf that appears every once in a while to give Cloud encouragement. Plus…he is standing by the sword…and later on, when Cloud has to wake up after the battle with Sephiroth, the wolf is there again. The wolf never replaces Cloud, but seems to be a something that watches over him instead.

So, I think the wolf is Zack.

Sure, it could still symbolize Cloud because Cloud does act like a lone wolf half the time, and he is in Zack’s pack in a way (Pack being friendship…if I’m getting a little to out there), but the Lifestream does act in weird ways, so I think it’s Zack appearing and bugging Cloud because he can.

Plus, Cloud’s motorcycle being name Fenrir, and the image of the wolf everywhere is more proof of him being Zack’s legacy. Plus, it could be a symbol of the pack again, since, after checking the Final Fantasy wiki (and seeing it’s not just me with these crazy ideas) Tifa, Barret, and Denzel apparently wear the symbol on rings. More pack members! (though, why doesn’t Marlene have it yet…is she too young? Or is it because she’s marry into another family someday? Family lines and everything…)

And the emblem on Cloud’s shoulder is known as Fenrir (pack symbol) or as the Cloudy wolf. Cause Cloud is a wolf now because he was accepted into the wolf pack…and Zack would totally call Cloud Cloudy. And too add to the previous paragrpah, maybe that image being on those people’s rings is Cloud extending the pack and this is his pack now, since Zack is no longer around and as stated, he is the legacy of Zack.

So, here’s a short summary if I lost you: The wolf is Zack. The symbol of the wolf in a symbol of the pack, which extends from Zack to Cloud (who makes the symbol since Zack isn’t around to do it and he’s Zack’s living legacy…and must continue and extend the ‘pack’) to Tifa, Barret, and Denzel apparently.

Everyone understand?

Lego Harry Potter

So, I recently got Lego Harry Potter for the Wii. I was hesitant at first, but it is ridiculously fun.

My cousin was over, and with this game being a two player game, we started it together. From now on I’ll probably continue it with her, or start a new file with a friend. While I could run around and play it by myself, the experience is enhanced with a friend. That, and I’m too lazy to switch between Ron, Harry, and Hermione, which I would need to do in some situations. Easier with a friend to control that other person.

Onto actually talking about the game. It opens with Privet drive, and you go through some cut scenes until you are just about to enter Diagon Alley.  Second player gets to control Hagrid, which was amusing for my cousin as she chased me, Harry, around. Harry, not having a wand at the moment, would roll into things if you pressed the button where, later on, you cast spells with. There was also a barrel that Hagrid or Harry could hide under. Hagrid barley fitting, and only seeing Harry’s feet when he walked. Amusement galore.

You also got to control a goblin in Gringotts, which was amusing.

Other favorite parts was finding the Mirror of Erised (Which I just realized is Desire backwards…wow…I’m slow sometimes), where Mr.Crouch found me under my Invisiblity Cloak, which left my cousin to continue on until she failed at blasting some books outta the way (me saying I was distracting Crouch). By then we figured to his Mrs. Norris, which finally let Mr.Crouch let go of me and I could assist.

The first flying lesson was amusing since the trio all could fly, but flashing at the bottom was that Harry was the only good flying. My cousin kept going she wanted to be Harry, because Hermione was horrible at it and Ron was iffy.

We haven’t gotten much father then that, but I look forward to finding the little things like hopping around on a plunger, or a pumpkin. Plus, as you run you pretty much blast things the whole way, and who doesn’t like a little bit of destruction. Plus, me and my cousin have a system worked out. I blast and collect all the legos falling all over the place, and she takes down the bad guy that needs to be taken down or explores and does magic on things.

Kingdom Hearts Rage?!? No Way!

So I love Kingdom Hearts. My whole family…if someone starts playing it, they come and tell me they are playing it because they know I know all about the games. Anyone who knows me will admit that it is my favorite series, and that it defined most of my teenage years.

However, I do have one major complaint though…thought now thinking about it it maybe makes sense.

So, with Kingdom Hearts one we had “Simple and Clean” as the theme. After checking, it was the theme for Chain of Memories as well…though whatever. With Kingdom Hearts 2 they used Passion (Or Sanctuary). From then on they only used these two songs….

What? Was no other song that Utada Hikaru wrote good enough to use for the games? Why isn’t a different song used?

I don’t know why, but it bugs me. I want another song to fangirl over, rather then just the same song over and over again. It seems like…cheating…to me. If that makes sense.

Thinking about it again…maybe there is a theory behind the madness.

Kingdom Hearts 1, Chain of Memories, Birth By Sleep, and Re:Coded all play Simple and Clean.
Kingdom Hearts 2, and 358/2 Days play Passion.

Simple and Clean all focus on before Chain of Memories (Coded with it’s focus on the first game as well), and all feature Sora in some small way (Even Birth By Sleep…since Sora helped Ventus…and it explains why Riku thought he was the Keyblade Master and how that all happened).
Passion is after Chain of Memories, and both feature Roxas.

Thinking about it that way, I guess it makes sense. Still…need some new music.

In other news…I’m excited for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Of course I’ll have to buy the 3DS then…ah…money….

No! My Boat!

So…I’ve really been wanting to play Tales of Symphonia lately. I love this game with a passion, and it is up there next to Kingdom Hearts. It’s not easy to get up there.

Anyway…in the need to deal with the want of playing, because I do not own the game myself and have to wait until college starts and play my roomate’s game, I will probably end up talking about Tales of Symphonia in the next few posts.

Onto the fun story about the game. So…


In the first game, you can rebuild Luin, buy a boat from a Pirate, and get a Pirate outfit. Me and my friends worked hard on raising the money to rebuild Luin (100,000+), and we felt accomplished after doing so. Plus, I really wanted to run around in the pirate outfit (you can unlock alternate outfits for all the characters…I love all their outfits). That, and Lloyd always wanted a boat and there is a scene in the game where he talks about it…so I was happy to fulfill his wish.

Imagine my surprise when, in the Sequal, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of  New World, I found a boat in the dried up lake next to Luin. It was wrecked and just sitting there.

At first I thought nothing of it and was just running around and looking for treasure and ran towards the boat.

The Ah-hah moment….


MY BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Also…Becca may have gotten my hooked on gifs unintentionally….and for reference I refer to the boat as mine since in my group I’m “Lloyd” and will cosplay him eventually. It made the heartbreak more though.)