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Meeting Sephiroth

I first met Sephiroth way before I even got into Final Fantasy VII. I met him in Kingdom Hearts.

Remember that ??? option in the coliseum later on in the game. I went…well, might as well try it.

Going in I was in awe of what was going on…because this guy was coming down from the heavens and there was epic music playing.

So right off the bat I was a little nervous, but I was up to giving it a try. I had leveled quite a bit so I was a bit cocky in what I could take down.

Then the fight started and Sephiroth basically two shot-ed, if not one shot-ed me.

I could only stare at the screen and go…omg…he killed me so fast….

Later on I came to know him as Sephiroth, but I’ll never forget the first meeting. That, and my cousin did the same exact thing too.


Harry Potter Dreams

So saw the midnight release of Harry Potter last night. I was dressed up as Harry, and went with a few friends.

Twas great, though I think I was the only one who was not crying because it was over. I was all: YEAH HARRY WON! WHOOOOOO!

I say it’s cause I am Harry and the Hero and I understand…or something (In my group of friends I’ve been dubbed Harry).

That night I relieved the Harry Potter movie in my dreams, but in a weird way.

All I remember is that we were in a House and we couldn’t step outside the house or Voldemort would find us and try to kill us. There was a mountain (or big hill) behind us. Um….some vague thingsĀ  like Ginny I think. And how it ended was me…and it was me…who was being Harry, driving away in a car. It was Central High Schools parking lot (and for those who don’t know Central…just picture a parking lot). It is the way I always walk to my van from rehearsal…that was the parking lot…though it was across from the “house”. I took off and went into a alleyway with Voldemort and his cronies in a car behind me. I had to drive around people and remember thinking that I just have to do this and revving myself up because I was a still a new driver…which I am in life…so thinking it in the dream was funny. But I just revved myself up cause I had to get away and lure Voldemort away…(perhaps reminiscent of harry in the forbidden forest in HP7.5…won’t say more then that). Then I woke up.

I also remember being a omniscient presence that was angry that my dream was not following what happened in the books while also having the dream at the same time…if that makes sense. It makes me laugh.