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That would never happen…wait what?!?

So….it’s been a while. Had family problems so yeah…onto the fun stuff.

Let me explain about myself first. If someone is in the room with me while i’m playing a game, I will often talk out loud, yell at the game, try to guess things, and say sarcastic things, and laugh often because of inside jokes. Alone…I still do some of these things, just not as much. I still talk to the game as if it was real.

Anyway…I was around Luin, and there had just been another revealed twist in the game…and that’s about all I remember other then I really wanted to save the Unicorn also. However…I sarastically said that…”Oh, next we’ll find out that Lloyd is Kratos’s son.”

My friend gave me a look at that and turned…since she had played the game before and didn’t want to say anything. I know she was laughing at me now, but at the time thought nothing of it.

“Well, they kind of have the same kind of hair style” I go, making the spikes in their hair with my hands.

Then after that it was dismissed.

Later on…before flying to the tower on the Dragons, I had seen the skit with Lloyd and his boat. I go…”Huh…I can totally see people shipping these two…” In fact…I might’ve gone for it too….but then my friend left the room and I went on DA to just see pictures of it…because I’m sure they would be cute and I’m silly like that.

Took two pictures and I was spoiled.

I just started at the computer for a few minutes…

I couldn’t believe my half-assed comment had been true. When my friend came back I just went….”Kratos is Lloyd’s dad….”

And we laughed after that and then yelled at Kratos to get on with it and tell Lloyd what was going on.

Also, btws….didn’t like Kratos at the beginning. My friend said he’d leave our party so I kept yelling at him because he would do that…and he would be snooty to Lloyd…Now I understand why and just go…aw….he wuvs his son.