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So, the other day I played Portal.

It is a relatively easy game, and I beat it in a few hours (with some help from my friend). The dialogue is funny to me though. When GlaDos would say something, I’d often be saying the opposite.

“You weren’t going to die, it was merely a test.”
“Thanks GlaDos…sure I wouldn’t have died…>.>”

“This room is impossible. Don’t even try.”
“Nu it’s not! I can do it!”

“Now I have to kill you!”
“You were going to anyway!”

“Lie down and a personal person will be there to get you to get cake”
“Like hell I will…THE CAKE IS A LIE!”

Honestly…I felt like a child all the time yelling back at her, but it was fun. At towards the end, I kept going “I hope she doesn’t attack me. I can’t do much with these portals” thinking she would physically attack me…which I was glad she didn’t. I can handle the adorable turrets and the missile launcher thingy…but she got me a bit scared there are the end.

The ending was a bit weird, though I like to think the character got out alive. We did see the surface world for a few seconds before the game cut out to the credits.

And all those notes left on where to go…I thank those who went before me who left them for me…sad you had to lose so much blood though.

BUT…glad I wasn’t turned into Cake…even though I doubt that’s what happens after you go into the fire…but…yeah..Cake is a lie.

(TL’DR…Portal is a fun game, it can mess with your head a little, the cake is a lie, and I yell back at GlaDos like a child)