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More KH Rage

So, with Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep…I was disappointed to not have any little Final Fantasy kids running around. While I like Zack…I really wanted to see a little Cloud, Leon…or heck…give me a women holding a baby Yuffie. Anything to show that they lived in Radiant Garden!

But no…nothing…

I am disappoint.

Though…I wonder if Kairi met any of them before…hm…new ideas stirring…oh! And she might’ve…no…I think did…meet Organization 13 before they were Organization 13…hm…plot plot plot….


First Introduction with FFVII

So…I kind of knew about FFVII and the characters. It started with a hot guy at an anime convention, and ends with my obsession of Cloud in all that he does.

Hot guy was dressed as Cloud and it was the first time I went: “Woah. Hot Guy.”

From there my friend let me watch FFVII: Advent Children. I had no idea what was going on, but it was hilarious to watch with no clue what was going on.

Especially the scene with Tifa fallen and Cloud finding her…and then him falling and then the Lifestream interlude. Me and my friend, who hadn’t seen it either were just going…WTF…and laughing our butts off.

And any part with Reno (like him getting locked out of the cabin by Cloud) was hilarious.


But then he came back so I was happy again.

And after that we tried to watch the FFVII overview on the DVD, but that didn’t work cause we got distracted. I eventually borrowed a copy from another friend so I did go back and do my research.

And now I have my own copy and dress up as Cloudia (Cloud when he has to wear a dress to save Tifa from Don Conero. Whoot).

FVII Fenrir

So…I just had a though about this wolf that follows Cloud around in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Since this movie, I’ve always associated the wolf with Cloud. Even in fanfics I read, if Cloud is made into an animal, he is made into the wolf. Or he is associated with the wolf. I never questioned it since Cloud is something like a lone wolf and it symbolizes him in a nice way.

But…depending on what era of fanfic you refer to (Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children…he is the wolf, but with Crisis Core he is often a chocobo instead),  the animal changes. It got me to thinking that maybe the wolf wasn’t Cloud at all, and wasn’t referring to him.

Instead, I began wondering if it was a pack member watching out for him. Zack was always the puppy, so I wondered if the wolf was Zack watching over the last pack member left (With Angeal, Genisis, and Aerith all gone and Sephiroth insane and kinda gone). Kunsel maybe might be a pack member, and Cisseni perhaps…but Cloud was the one he died for and is Zack’s living legacy. Why wouldn’t he follow around as a wolf that appears every once in a while to give Cloud encouragement. Plus…he is standing by the sword…and later on, when Cloud has to wake up after the battle with Sephiroth, the wolf is there again. The wolf never replaces Cloud, but seems to be a something that watches over him instead.

So, I think the wolf is Zack.

Sure, it could still symbolize Cloud because Cloud does act like a lone wolf half the time, and he is in Zack’s pack in a way (Pack being friendship…if I’m getting a little to out there), but the Lifestream does act in weird ways, so I think it’s Zack appearing and bugging Cloud because he can.

Plus, Cloud’s motorcycle being name Fenrir, and the image of the wolf everywhere is more proof of him being Zack’s legacy. Plus, it could be a symbol of the pack again, since, after checking the Final Fantasy wiki (and seeing it’s not just me with these crazy ideas) Tifa, Barret, and Denzel apparently wear the symbol on rings. More pack members! (though, why doesn’t Marlene have it yet…is she too young? Or is it because she’s marry into another family someday? Family lines and everything…)

And the emblem on Cloud’s shoulder is known as Fenrir (pack symbol) or as the Cloudy wolf. Cause Cloud is a wolf now because he was accepted into the wolf pack…and Zack would totally call Cloud Cloudy. And too add to the previous paragrpah, maybe that image being on those people’s rings is Cloud extending the pack and this is his pack now, since Zack is no longer around and as stated, he is the legacy of Zack.

So, here’s a short summary if I lost you: The wolf is Zack. The symbol of the wolf in a symbol of the pack, which extends from Zack to Cloud (who makes the symbol since Zack isn’t around to do it and he’s Zack’s living legacy…and must continue and extend the ‘pack’) to Tifa, Barret, and Denzel apparently.

Everyone understand?

Weather Names

A/N: There has been a lot of storms lately…and this just popped into my head. Too small to be a fanfic, so it’s just a drabble. Blah Blah…

Disclaimer: Don’t own…do I really need to say this?

“Let the rain fall down…and dry my tears…let it wash away…all my fears….~”


That’s what the weather had deemed to do for days on end. Thunder and lightning occasionally joined in with the rain, creating a symphony of noise and light.

Just last week, the lightning was a continuous flash. A second wouldn’t go by without the lightning streaking across the sky and lighting up the dark night.

It reminded him of his sister, nicknamed Lightning due to her ability to strike hard and fast. She always came after the main cavalry (which, following the metaphor, would be thunder), there for a second and then gone, leaving you mentally abused with your wrongdoing.

So many childhood memories of her doing just that when he had messed up big time, leaving Skylar Strife, his father, to ground him in her wake.

Still, she had his love for other things.

The same night, the wind was strong, pushing the rain into almost rivers as they ran down the cracks of the stone streets in Radiant Garden.

His boyfriend’s triplet brothers came to mind at that, more specifically Ventus. The kid was fast, a humanoid whirlwind. Sora was close in speed, but held no cigar to Ventus.

Ventus, when put with Aqua, became undefeatable in the last marathon the two ran together. Where he wanted to go fast, she made them go slow. When the pace needed to be picked up, he pushed her.

Much like the rain outside had mixed with the wind to create the force of the storm.

Speaking of storms…there was his boyfriend Leon, otherwise known as Squall. The definition was a sudden strong windstorm, often accompanied by rain or snow. While he had snorted the one time Leon has shown up to the usual place with Snow on his arm, and Aqua on his others, the two having offered early to retrieve the taciturn brunet, he wondered where his place was in it all.

The others were constantly changing, moving quickly and mixing, much like their weather patterns.

Sora, the bright sky, always cheerful, and able to meld with anyone. He seemed to be a prominent force that changed others.

Riku and Terra, who were strong and sturdy, with a darker undertone that spoke of truth.

Aqua, who didn’t always mesh the best with others due to her intelligent nature, but was nurturing even as she scolding you.

Ventus, as fast as the wind he was named after and easy to change moods.

Kairi, who always dealt with the competition between Sora and Riku, smoothing things over and completing the trio even without a weather pattern to her name.

Lighting, who struck fast and with passion.

Serah, his other sister, who was Lightings opposite and full of childlike wonder, though she had no nature association.

Roxas and Namine, opposites to Sora and Kairi, who completed their counterparts and seemed to morph out of the shadows.

Snow, who seemed to be dense and hard to handle at first, has a soft undercurrent when with his girlfriend Serah.

And Squall, who was a windstorm that came out of nowhere to knock him off his feet and into love. He was always a surprise in his tender ways.

Where exactly did he, Cloud, stand? What significance did a Cloud have? It just floated across the sky, sometimes pointing out what weather patterns were to come. What was so special about that?

Sighing, Cloud watched the lightning strike, the wind blow, and the rain fall through the window in the Restoration Committee’s Place. It was almost childish how he was kneeling on the couch, looking out the window at the storm taking place.

“What are you thinking about?”

Turning, the blond found Leon standing close, eyes on the storm outside as well.

A moment passed.


Leon finally turned the gaze down to him, quirking an eyebrow.

Biting his lip and turning to the storm again, Cloud answered, knowing his boyfriend had heard worst things in the past.

“What significant role does a Cloud play?”

At no answer, Cloud figured Leon had left well enough and alone and decided not to question further. Therefore, he was surprised when Leon joined him in his kneeling, looking out at the storm as well as he answered.

“Well, it is a constant. A cloud is usually there, or shows up just in time. When there is too much sun a cloud can block it. Though a cloud is pushed by the wind, he is by no means a slave to it, for depending on the type of cloud, a storm could form. Or, the cloud could simply become shapes in the sky for children to look at. A cloud is constant, there for everyone else.”

At that, Leon turned to look at him and locked eyes, and Cloud realized that he had turned at some point to look at the brunet. He suddenly felt a flash of heat pass through him; his cheeks burning up as he quickly turned back to the storm, missing the smirk on the others face.

“A constant you say?”


A few more moments passed, where Cloud tried to get his face to obey his commands, though it was in vain when he felt lips press to his temple for just a second, before pulling away, the body following along afterward.

“After all, it was you who brought us all together.”

Then Leon was gone, much like his namesake. Only there for a few minutes to deal a blow, and off again. Though, it was a good blow this time, Cloud theorized as he looked back to make sure the brunet was gone.

Smiling softly, he turned back to the storm then; feeling like some weight had been taken off his shoulders. Or perhaps it had been knocked off by some wind.

Why I love Snow

I’m not talking about the white fluffy stuff that falls each winter. No…I’m talking about this Snow right here —>

Snow Villiers.

I actually didn’t like him in Final Fantasy 13. My favorite character is Hope Estheim. However, after run-in’s with people cosplaying Snow at Anime Central the past two years, I have a new found love of him.

Both run-ins with Snow were while my group was in their Final Fantasy get-up. I was dressed up as Cloudia (Cloud when he has to wear a dress in Wallmarket). Only Vincent (FFVII) was around for both encounters, though my group was not far. Cloud (FVII) and Leon (Kingdom Hearts) were main contributes to the first encounter. Other people were around with us too, either sitting down or being amused by the encounters…so if they are reading this I didn’t forget you!

Anyway, onto the first encounter.
Day: ACen ’10- Saturday Afternoon
My group had decided to not go to the Cosplay Masquerade, and instead, took awkward pictures instead. Many glorious pictures came out of this photoshoot. Anyway, a Snow comes up to us and asks to take a picture with us. He tells us it is for his sister. I agree right away that he could take a picture with us (not sure if anyone else did, but it didn’t matter cause they went with it anyway :p).

Then we found out there was some confusion since he only wanted it with one of us. We also found out that it was a Yaoi picture, and though he was a complete stranger, we are people of our word and we gave out consent that he could still have the picture. So…he goes on and picks Cloud.

Thus…we now have Snowy Cloud.

We still pick on our Cloud to this day (to the point we tried to find the Snow from last year at this years ACen, but failed). Afterwards, Cloud remarked that it was uncomfortable being that close, and that it was hard not to laugh. I believed her, since she laughed afterward.

I do hope his sister enjoyed the picture, though we did wonder if he really just wanted it for himself.

Onto the second encounter!
Day: ACen ’11- Saturday Evening

So, me and Vincent were doing our people watching. We stood in the balcony that was in the lobby of the hotel, overlooking the lower level and entrance. There are escalators that constantly have cosplayers and such going up and down them. It is a good place to see a lot of cosplays, and me and Vincent being the wonderful people we are, judge them.

I know this makes us seem like horrible people that we look at other people’s cosplay and debate with each other whether it is good or not, but I assure you we are only human. Plus, it was usually pointing out the more unusual cosplays or character we like then actual judging.

Anyway, we were watching and all of a sudden a Snow comes onto the elevator holding a huge box of pizza. I don’t even know where he got this pizza from because no one else had pizza this big, and I looked around at the other convention goers. It wouldn’t even fit in the escalator and he had to hold it above it. It was bigger then my torso (and I’m not even kidding, I’m sure it is!).

So, of course me and Vincent find this hilarious and point it out to each other right away. (Before I say the next part, I want to assure you that it is us making fun of Snow as a character, and not the person in any way. When people are dressed up at conventions, I tend to focus on the character, not the actual person, when talking about them). We called Snow a fatass for having such a huge pizza that he was going to eat all himself! I mean, Snow is a big man, but that was a big Pizza! It looked like it was a few pizzas in one!

Then, of course, he sees my Cosplay as he goes by and remarks that it was a good cosplay. At this point I can only smile and say thanks back as he quickly passes by with the huge pizza, feeling slightly weird after the comment me and Vincent made to each other and still finding the situation funny.

Afterward we compared Snow to Gaston and said he was the blonde Gaston, needing to eat a dozen Pizzas rather then a Dozen eggs.

And that was how we got fatass Snow.

Hopefully he enjoyed that pizza.

Quit it up there!

So, last night it was thunder storming where I lived. It was a pretty nasty storm and I was talking to my friend while watching it. We had just been talking about getting together and playing video games, so of course my mind goes back to that. Plus…Cloud (Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII) usually comes to mind at least once an hour.

I’m not obsessed or anything…>.> <,< >.>

Anywho…I was watching the storm and it is Lightning up the butt. Seriously…there was barely a pause between each stroke of lightning. So…thinking of Final Fantasy XIII, I go: “Lighting! Cloud! Quit it up there! Geez you two!” My friend laughed.

In my mind I went to Final Fantasy: Dissidia…and then entertained the thought that maybe they were having an epic battle with their nemesis up there and that’s why the storm was so bad. I mean, since the two were in the same place at the same time. I also thought that Squall should keep a better handle on his boyfriend (Yes, I entertain the idea that Leon/Squall and Cloud are romantically inclined. Don’t judge!) or get out there and help him. But…the storm wasn’t a Squall (cause it’s a weather pattern too)…so…I didn’t say anything about that.

So we continue talking on the phone and watching the storm and the wind picks up. It was actually kind of scary with the way the streetlights were set up that it looked like the rain was river of water because of the wind. I just kept thinking back to the recent Japan tsunami and going…Gah! No flash floods please! I didn’t say that to my friend, but we did talk about the wind.

Then I remembered that Ventus means wind (Ventus being from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Aqua is also from that game). So then I pick on them too and go: “Ventus! Aqua! You too! Stop that!”

I love myself sometimes. Really I do. The fact that I can’t even watch a thunderstorm without nerdy thoughts makes my day.