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That would never happen…wait what?!?

So….it’s been a while. Had family problems so yeah…onto the fun stuff.

Let me explain about myself first. If someone is in the room with me while i’m playing a game, I will often talk out loud, yell at the game, try to guess things, and say sarcastic things, and laugh often because of inside jokes. Alone…I still do some of these things, just not as much. I still talk to the game as if it was real.

Anyway…I was around Luin, and there had just been another revealed twist in the game…and that’s about all I remember other then I really wanted to save the Unicorn also. However…I sarastically said that…”Oh, next we’ll find out that Lloyd is Kratos’s son.”

My friend gave me a look at that and turned…since she had played the game before and didn’t want to say anything. I know she was laughing at me now, but at the time thought nothing of it.

“Well, they kind of have the same kind of hair style” I go, making the spikes in their hair with my hands.

Then after that it was dismissed.

Later on…before flying to the tower on the Dragons, I had seen the skit with Lloyd and his boat. I go…”Huh…I can totally see people shipping these two…” In fact…I might’ve gone for it too….but then my friend left the room and I went on DA to just see pictures of it…because I’m sure they would be cute and I’m silly like that.

Took two pictures and I was spoiled.

I just started at the computer for a few minutes…

I couldn’t believe my half-assed comment had been true. When my friend came back I just went….”Kratos is Lloyd’s dad….”

And we laughed after that and then yelled at Kratos to get on with it and tell Lloyd what was going on.

Also, btws….didn’t like Kratos at the beginning. My friend said he’d leave our party so I kept yelling at him because he would do that…and he would be snooty to Lloyd…Now I understand why and just go…aw….he wuvs his son.


Darkness Makes a High Pitch Squeal

So…more Tales of Symphonia talk.

When in the temple of Darkness…when you need to gather the five pieces of darkness to create Shadow…we totally talked to the little creatures.

Constant running back and forth saying…come on…come on little one…follow me.

Honestly, it was a lot of fun, even if it was constant running back to make sure they were following me all the way down to the altar to combine them to make shadow. And of course, trying to get all five pieces when they were in different areas.

That, and me and my friends decided they make a high pitch noise that written out goes: MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (Or maybe MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)….almost like the men who say Ni.

And for a while I couldn’t do their little voice because I had done it so often, but I think now I can again…and its fun to make as they are following me around the dungeon. Makes it seem like they are even more adorable.

They just wanna be loved!!!!!!!

Temple of Lightning

Otherwise known as the @I*#UI$U#()# Temple of Lightning. I don’t like this temple in either Tales of Symphonia game. This temple is mean, and doing it for the first time at like…two in the morning, is not good for the eyes.

So…why is this temple a bastard, and along with it Volt.

In fact…lets explain Volt first. SPOILER ALERT. He put Sheena’s grandpa in a coma, and kills a bunch of other people in Mizuho (Sheena’s Village of Ninjas). He kills Corrine (who is an adorable fox that travels with Sheena until this temple), and he speaks a language that is only understandable by some scholars (which, luckily, Raine is one)….and oh yeah…he likes lightning…a lot…and tries to kill Sheena with it.

And you have to get him on your side. >.>

Now lets explain the temple. They have rooms where it it’s like a slow strobe light that flashes every few seconds, and then fades in light before the next flash. Oh…and the walkway is limited and you can fall down off it and then have to start over.

Oh…and the tower puposefully makes you run through these rooms at least a dozen times…and you run to the top of the temple to release the little button thing that will change the sorcerers ring (which shoots fire/lightning/ect…depending on the last button thingy you pushed)…and there are three tiers of ‘lightning’ in the temple and its constant going up and down the tower. Oh…and if you forget to hit a certain block with a certain color (cause blocks block your way that can only be shot with ‘lightning’ away with a certain colored lightning tier)…you have to run back down and change the color to the right tier, run back..and then run back AGAIN and get the next tier…to finally get where you need to be and activate xxx thing so you can finally get to Volt. SO. MUCH. RUNNING. BACK.AND.FORTH.

And it doesn’t stop there. No…my first time I was running around and was stopped on a bridge that leads from one side of an area to the other, puzzling what to do next. It was late and me and my friends had been playing for a few hours already. So we were tired and Volt’s lightning was not helping our eyes. So, I decided what to do and then tried to move…


Lloyd would turn a certain way if I moved him, but I couldn’t move from that spot. At a closer look I was literally IN the floor.

My words went like this: I can’t move! What the fuck I can’t move! I can’t fucking move. GOD DAMMIT! FML!!!!!!!!! Fuck. My. Life. (and then repeats of these phrases)

This pretty much woke me and my friend up and she started laughing (while my third friend snoozed on). I eventually dissolved into laughter and maybe a few tears, rolling around on the couch as my friend laughed at my misfortune. (And for those who know me, Marf was the one laughing, Shinde the one sleeping).

Eventually I rebooted from the last save point, but I’ll never forget that first time through the temple. And when I found out I had to go through it in Dawn of a New World, I was not happy. I don’t even remember it that much from the second game…I must’ve repressed the memories. I hate this temple that much.

(on a random note, I think I like gifs too much)

No! My Boat!

So…I’ve really been wanting to play Tales of Symphonia lately. I love this game with a passion, and it is up there next to Kingdom Hearts. It’s not easy to get up there.

Anyway…in the need to deal with the want of playing, because I do not own the game myself and have to wait until college starts and play my roomate’s game, I will probably end up talking about Tales of Symphonia in the next few posts.

Onto the fun story about the game. So…


In the first game, you can rebuild Luin, buy a boat from a Pirate, and get a Pirate outfit. Me and my friends worked hard on raising the money to rebuild Luin (100,000+), and we felt accomplished after doing so. Plus, I really wanted to run around in the pirate outfit (you can unlock alternate outfits for all the characters…I love all their outfits). That, and Lloyd always wanted a boat and there is a scene in the game where he talks about it…so I was happy to fulfill his wish.

Imagine my surprise when, in the Sequal, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of  New World, I found a boat in the dried up lake next to Luin. It was wrecked and just sitting there.

At first I thought nothing of it and was just running around and looking for treasure and ran towards the boat.

The Ah-hah moment….


MY BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Also…Becca may have gotten my hooked on gifs unintentionally….and for reference I refer to the boat as mine since in my group I’m “Lloyd” and will cosplay him eventually. It made the heartbreak more though.)