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More KH Rage

So, with Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep…I was disappointed to not have any little Final Fantasy kids running around. While I like Zack…I really wanted to see a little Cloud, Leon…or heck…give me a women holding a baby Yuffie. Anything to show that they lived in Radiant Garden!

But no…nothing…

I am disappoint.

Though…I wonder if Kairi met any of them before…hm…new ideas stirring…oh! And she might’ve…no…I think did…meet Organization 13 before they were Organization 13…hm…plot plot plot….


Kingdom Hearts Rage?!? No Way!

So I love Kingdom Hearts. My whole family…if someone starts playing it, they come and tell me they are playing it because they know I know all about the games. Anyone who knows me will admit that it is my favorite series, and that it defined most of my teenage years.

However, I do have one major complaint though…thought now thinking about it it maybe makes sense.

So, with Kingdom Hearts one we had “Simple and Clean” as the theme. After checking, it was the theme for Chain of Memories as well…though whatever. With Kingdom Hearts 2 they used Passion (Or Sanctuary). From then on they only used these two songs….

What? Was no other song that Utada Hikaru wrote good enough to use for the games? Why isn’t a different song used?

I don’t know why, but it bugs me. I want another song to fangirl over, rather then just the same song over and over again. It seems like…cheating…to me. If that makes sense.

Thinking about it again…maybe there is a theory behind the madness.

Kingdom Hearts 1, Chain of Memories, Birth By Sleep, and Re:Coded all play Simple and Clean.
Kingdom Hearts 2, and 358/2 Days play Passion.

Simple and Clean all focus on before Chain of Memories (Coded with it’s focus on the first game as well), and all feature Sora in some small way (Even Birth By Sleep…since Sora helped Ventus…and it explains why Riku thought he was the Keyblade Master and how that all happened).
Passion is after Chain of Memories, and both feature Roxas.

Thinking about it that way, I guess it makes sense. Still…need some new music.

In other news…I’m excited for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Of course I’ll have to buy the 3DS then…ah…money….