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Said Wrong, Read Wrong

So…I have issues sometimes with the English language…and here I will outline some of the other words I have messed up.

Tales of the Abyss: Chesedonia (instead of Cas-e-donia…I read it as Cheese-donia)

Harry Potter: Sirius ( instead of Serious, I read it as Si-rus)

Pokemon: Spiritomb (I read as Spiritbomb), and Ciphown (I read as Chipher)

I also have a hard time with Ian…if I see the world I will say I-an…instead of E-an…like it’s supposed to be. Same with Sean…I read as sean instead of shawn…

I fail sometimes.

( And gif not really related…I’m just tired)


Tales of the Abyss

So…I have been playing this game for a while. I liveblog about it so there won’t be much talk here aside from…


He’s adorable and lovable and I just wanna hug him. And Luke totally wants him.

Heck…there was an earthquake…and what does Luke do…he hugs Ion.

Really…this game makes LukeXIon way too easy to ship.

So much fun.

But yeah…if you wanna see more in depth look as I go through this game, go to the following link.

Abyss Liveblog

On there you can also find a link to my personal tumblr…if you really wanna deal with more random nerdiness.