Buttons and Belts

Raine: Between me [Raine], you [Lloyd], and Kratos, crapton of buttons to be had. Crap ton.
Me: Of course. Buttons are to Tales of games like belts are to Final Fantasy.
Raine: Lawl. Unless your Kratos. Then you can have both :3
Me: Well, he’s just that much of a badass.
Raine: True fax. Plus he’s a smokin’ hot stud, who enjoys brooding.
Me: Exactly!

This is a conversation I just had with a friend. I love our conversations.
Plus…Final Fantasy does have belts up the butt…just like Tales of Symphonia has a crapton of buttons. I’ll have to play the other Tales games to see if it holds true…but I know the belt rule holds true for Final Fantasy. All those character’s outfit have like…a bazillion belts. Just look at Lulu in FFX!


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  1. i cant believe you posted this here too. 😛

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